Challenger Series 2022


For Challenger Series draws, scores, results and rankings, please visit our Live Scoring page here.

Open to any amateur 8-ball pool player in the world, the Challenger Series forms part of Ultimate Pool’s open circuit second tier. The Series provides a qualification pathway to Ultimate Pool’s professional ranks.

Number of Players: The 2022 Ultimate Pool Challenger Series has a 288-player capacity (per event).

Format: The Challenger Series consists of eight ranking events throughout the season. All events are straight knockout and ranked. Draws are random throughout. All matches in all rounds are races to 6 frames.

The Golden Break and Golden Duck are not in operation on the Challenger Series.

Dates/Venues: There are four Challenger Series ‘weekends’ throughout the 2022 season. At each ‘weekend’ there are two events.

  • Events 1 & 2 | Friday 4th - Sunday 6th March, 2022: The Grand Hotel, Blackpool
  • Events 3 & 4 | Friday 15th - Monday 18th April, 2022: The Hilton Metropole, Birmingham
  • Events 5 & 6 | Friday 24th - Sunday 26th June, 2022: The Grand Hotel, Blackpool
  • Events 7 & 8 | Friday 9th - Sunday 11th December, 2022: The Grand Hotel, Blackpool

Prize Money: The 2022 Ultimate Pool Challenger Series is set to have a minimum prize fund of £200,800. The prize money breakdown is as follows:

Events 1-8

  • Winner: £7,000
  • Runner-Up: £3,000
  • Semi-Finalists: £1,250 (each)
  • Quarter-Finalists: £750 (each)
  • Last 16 Losers: £400 (each)
  • Last 32 Losers: £200 (each)
  • Last 64 Losers: £100 (each)

Coverage: Selected matches will be shown live on FreeSports TV in the UK and via livestream on for those everywhere else.

Rankings: At the end of the 2022 Challenger Series season, the top 16 in the rankings will all earn automatic promotion to the 2023 Ultimate Pool professional ranks.

You can find full information about the Ultimate Pool Challenger Series Rankings here.


It is mandatory for all players competing on the 2022 Ultimate Pool Challenger Series to stay at least two nights (Friday & Saturday) at the hotel venue that the events are being played in.

You must book and pay for your accommodation in full at least three weeks prior to a Series weekend. Failure to do so will mean you will not be included in the draw, you could be replaced in the event(s) and you won't be eligible for any refund of entry fees.

For all accommodation enquiries, please contact Neil Toms (Head of Tournament Operations) on 07811 111855.

The draw and a comprehensive match schedule will be published on under the 'Live Scoring' tab at least two weeks prior to an event starting.

All matches will have a start time - please register with the 'Top Table' at least 15 minutes beforehand.

Match races are subject to change throughout the events.

Dress Code: All players will receive an official tour shirt, which must be worn during your matches, along with trousers and shoes.

Deposits & Payments: Your entry is only accepted when your deposit is paid (£150). All Series entry fees for the season must be paid in FULL before the first event. Deposits and all entry fees are non-refundable. The organisers reserve the right to remove and replace any entrant who fails to make the payment deadline. All players must pay all of the entry fees, even if they do not attend all of the events. The organisers reserve the right to decline any unsuitable new applicants.

By paying your deposit/entry fee it is deemed that you have read and agree to abide by the rules set out by the organisers of the Ultimate Pool Challenger Series, and accept they are subject to change and that decisions made by the Tournament Director(s) are final.

The Ultimate Pool Group's full Standard Conditions of Competition Entry are soon to be released. Before these are published, anything that is not covered will be at the discretion of the Ultimate Pool Group.

All-Time Roll of Honour (number of Challenger Series event wins)

  • Craig Waddingham (2)
  • Adam Bassoo (1)
  • Eddie Barker (1)
  • Liam White (1)
  • Chris Day (1)
  • Dan Eaton-Lees (1)
  • Hiten Patel (1)
  • Neil Brittain (1)
  • Josh Corkett (1)
  • Cameron Tolley (1)
  • Callum Singleton (1)

The 2022 Ultimate Pool Challenger Series is currently full. Information about the 2023 Challenger Series will be released in due course.