Professional Series 2021

The inaugural Ultimate Pool Professional Series in 2021 featured 34 professional players.

The Series consisted of eight events throughout the season, with two events played at each Series 'weekend' at the Players Pool and Snooker Lounge in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

All events were straight knockout and unseeded, although a player could not be drawn in two preliminary rounds in the same 'weekend'.

The Golden Break and Golden Duck were not in operation throughout the Series.

The 2021 Professional Series had a total prize fund of £144,000, with the winner of odd-numbered events receiving £10,000 and the winner of even-numbered events receiving £4,000.

In 2021, the professional rankings were made up solely of results from the Pro Series. The Series loosely operated a money-based ranking list.


Extensive live television coverage was shown on FreeSports in the UK, whilst there was a livestream for all on Three feature tables were shown. All this coverage is available to subscribers (above) as video-on-demand.


Please visit the Live Scoring page here for results.

Professional Players for 2021

Oly Bale, Greg Batten, Declan Brennan, Rob Chilton, Shaun Chipperfield, Jordan Church, Dom Cooney, Jimmy Croxton, Emma Cunningham, Aaron Davies, Lydan Debono, Stevie Dempsey, Geo Edgar, Scott Gillespie, Dejan Grech, Brian Halcrow, Phil Harrison, Michael Hill, Josh Kane, Craig Lakin, Christophe Lambert (from Event 3), Dylan Leary, Jake McCartney, David McNamara, Chris Melling, Carl Morris, Gareth Potts (from Event 3), Neil Raybone, John Roe, Shaun Storry, John Sullivan, Karl Sutton, Shane Thompson, Rob Wharne,