14th Feb 22' Champions League - Week 2

Event · Champions League 2022

The Ultimate Pool Champions League was the organisation’s first televised event in 2020/21. Featuring 32 players across 11 weeks of live action on Monday nights, the competition was won by Chris Melling after he defeated fellow all-time great Michael Hill in the final. The tournament returns for a second edition in 2022 with the field extended to 64 players. It also becomes a professional ranking event

Number of Players: The 2022 edition will feature 64 players – a mixture of professionals and qualifiers.

Status: Professional Ranking Event

Format: Phase One (64 Players): 16 round robin groups of four players. Each match is the first to four frames, but with a 20-minute match-clock. If a player does not reach four frames before the time expires, the score stands as the result. Players receive two points for a win, one for a draw and no points for a loss.