Friday 01 December

Ultimate Pool release the 6 Red Shootout mobile game

Ultimate Pool are proud to announce the successful release of the Ultimate Pool 6 Red Shootout mobile phone game.

6 red graphic.jpg

The 6 red shootout is used to decide some stalemate tournament matches and has provided some of the most iconic moments in Ultimate Pool history.

The Ultimate Pool fanbase and audience have been treated to a plethora of dramatic match endings by 6 Red Shootout, most notably Brian Halcrow’s jaw dropping 15.09 second 6 Red Shootout time, which is still yet to be beaten.


Due to the overwhelming popularity of the 6 Red Shootout, Ultimate Pool wanted to share all of the action with its global fanbase; a mobile phone game will be a unique way to experience all of the excitement of the 6 Red Shootout all in the palm of your hand.

Users will be able to see how their 6 Red Shootout skills compare against the rest of the Ultimate Pool global community, with times being recorded on an overall leader board.

At the time of writing the current fastest time on the Ultimate Pool 6 Red Shootout mobile phone game leader board stands at an amazing 10.8 seconds.

In the first weeks of its release the game has proved to be a huge success, charting in the Top 10 Sports Games.

Ultimate Pool 6 Red Shootout mobile game is available now:

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