Thursday 23 June

Ultimate Pool Livestream FAQ

Here are answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get asked regarding some of our livestreams:

Initial Access

To access the livestreams on, you will need an Ultimate Pool account. It is completely free to open an account.

If you haven’t already got an account, please click on the ‘Join’ box that you will find on the menu column.

We may send you a link via email to activate your account (please check your spam/junk box if you don’t receive this). This link may already be hyperlinked – if not, please copy and paste into your address bar.

If you see an error after clicking on the activation link, your account is already active.

To watch the livestreams, you will need to be logged in.

Livestream table options are either found on the homepage of or with the relevant event under the ‘Tournaments’ tab.

An account can watch the action on three different devices at the same time.

Livestream Issues

If you have clicked a link through the Facebook browser/app, our livestreaming may not work. We suggest you logout, close any excess windows that are open on your device and try using your native browser (such as Google Chrome) to log in again and watch.

If this doesn’t work, we suggest rebooting your device OR changing your device to view. Please try this before contacting support for assistance as most streaming issues are device related.

Please scroll the timestamp cursor on the screen all the way to the right (as far as you can go) for live coverage.

If you are using the Ultimate Pool App from an IOS device (such as an iPhone), you can cast to any Apple TV device. If you are using the Ultimate Pool App on Android, you can cast to most smart TVs. Unfortunately, we do not have a Firestick App in development at this point in time.

The optimum internet speed to view our livestream coverage should ideally be at least 10mb.

If you are still have issues trying to access the stream via, please try using the Ultimate Pool App which may resolve your issue.

Video on Demand

All our livestream content is ‘video on demand’, therefore you can go back and watch the action.

We are looking at ways to ‘chapter’ each match for each table for each day, to improve viewer experience.

Subscription Packages

You can pay for our premier service either monthly (£6.99) or annually at once (£69.99). Both are rolling automated subscriptions, but you can cancel at anytime before the next payment by visiting the 'My Zone' section of your account when logged into the website and pressing 'Cancel' which is in a red lined box. If you are using a device, you may need to scroll to the right to see this.

There is currently a special offer on for a 12-month subscription of £49.99 for new subscribers - please use the code DEC20 at checkout to redeem. This offer is only open until Sunday 11th December.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the coverage!