Monday 13 March


The Ultimate Pool Group are delighted to announce their second franchise, in Ultimate Pool Ireland.

Covering both Northern Ireland and the Republic, the franchise will be running their own tour events under the Ultimate Pool Umbrella, with the top amateur being granted a place in the Challenger Series.

Ultimate Pool Professional Declan Brennan, and Pearse Sharratt are the franchisees.


Scott Ryan, Ultimate Pool Commercial Director said, "This partnership will allow UPG to grow the brand in regions typically out of reach. While producing the quality that has come to be expected from UPG. We are really excited to be working with Pearse and Declan and are sure through the wealth of experience they share they will continue to deliver the best possible growth for 8 Ball in Ireland."

In a joint statement from Sharratt & Brennan, they said:

"We are delighted to announce our partnership with Ultimate Pool to bring 8 ball pool to another level on the island of Ireland. What Ultimate Pool represents, alongside the already amazing heights achieved, has captured the attention of players and fans of the sport all over the globe. Now is the time to bring everything to Irish shores both in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

We have such an incredible hot bed of talent - something that has been seen throughout the years with World Championship titles, European honours and many other tournament victories brought back to our shores. With the backing of Ultimate Pool we will see maximum growth and new heights here in the sport we all love.

We will be establishing a new Ultimate Pool Ireland Series - aiming to bring record prize money to our players. This will give players of every ability multiple chances to take home honours and everyone will have the chance at winning. We will be giving everyone here a chance to win places on televised events in England including places on the Challenger Series, with a view to a Pro Series spot in future. We’re delighted to announce a brand new Provincial Championship set up, with players competing to be crowned champion. This will culminate in a blockbuster annual event to decide which Province will take the honours.

Our coaching network will revolutionize the grassroots of our sport. We will be giving everyone the opportunity to become a certified Ultimate Pool coach and we aim to continue the long standing emergence of world class talent coming from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our goal is to build champions for the present and for the future.

Finally we endeavor to open our doors to all players, both domestic and international, as Ultimate Pool Ireland kicks off and evolves. Putting this island on the map with an elite level pool structure with prize money and prestige incorporated. With such exciting times ahead we look forward to building something memorable, bringing our game to its fullest potential and most importantly - delivering the best experience to you the players."

Ultimate Pool Ireland are on all social media channels, make sure you follow them.

More details coming soon.