Wednesday 25 August

Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup | Players, Draw & Schedule Announced

The next installment of live FreeSports televised 8-ball pool on Monday nights will be the inaugural Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup which breaks off on the 6th September.

This unique event – which carries a total prize fund of £32,800 – will feature 64 teams of two players. Played on Monday evenings and spanning 21 weeks, each night’s action will see a round robin group of four pairs. At the end of each night, the pair finishing top of the group will advance to the last 16 of the competition.

This same process is used for the last 16 phase, leaving the four remaining pairs to contest Finals Night.

Rules and Match Format

The Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup is played to International 8-Ball Rules.

Each match is limited to 20 minutes; matches are a race to four frames or whatever the score is when the 20 minutes expires.

For the first 15 minutes of the match there is a 30-second shot clock in operation. For the final 5 minutes of the match there is a 15-second shot clock in operation. Each team is allocated one 15-second extension per frame.

2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.

Match schedule (single frames): Scotch Doubles / Singles / Singles / Scotch Doubles / Singles / Singles / Scotch Doubles

If teams are tied at the top of the table after all matches are completed, a 6 Reds Shootout will determine the winners.

(The Ultimate Pool Group has the right to amend these rules and formats)


The Teams

With no restrictions on player combinations, there are several ‘dream teams’ that have been formed for this special event.

One such pairing is the recent Ultimate Pool Masters winner Phil Harrison and reigning six-time world champion Michael Hill – two players who have faced each other in three world finals.

Another world champion duo on show will be Chris Melling & Scott Gillespie (current BI World Champion), whilst Jon McAllister – another of the sport’s current world title holders – pairs up with fellow Coventry cueist Josh Kane.

There is a de facto team Northern Ireland as Pro Series Event 1 winner Declan Brennan joins up with the legendary Ronan McCarthy, and there will also be strong representation for East Anglia with Shaun Chipperfield & Karl Sutton.

Another team tipped to do well will be Clint I’Anson & Jack Whelan – they have been world doubles champions in the past.

Other standout teams include Jimmy Croxton & Neil Raybone, Arfan Dad & Craig Waddingham, Geo Edgar & Carl Morris, Shane Thompson & Jake McCartney and Craig Lakin & Jordan Shepherd.

There is also a women’s team, as two of the greatest lady players of all-time in Emma Cunningham and Amy Beauchamp will take to the arena at the Players Pool and Snooker Lounge.

Other big names already published include former world champion Liam Dunster and three-time Mosconi Cup winner Mark Gray.

Draw and Schedule

The draw and the schedule for the 2021/22 Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup can be viewed below:

Group 1 | Monday 6th September

Marc Fleming & Ross Fernie 1-2 Curtis Lee & Luke Vokes

Shaun Chipperfield & Karl Sutton 2-2 Adam Myerscough & Matt Rowland

Fernie & Fleming 2-2 Myerscough & Rowland

Vokes & Lee 2-2 Chipperfield & Sutton

Fleming & Fernie 0-4 Chipperfield & Sutton

Rowland & Myerscough 3-1 Vokes & Lee

Chipperfield & Sutton defeated Myerscough & Rowland via a 6-reds shootout

Group 2 | Monday 13th September

Josh Kane & Jon McAllister 4-0 Kevin George & Del Redmond

Jamie Mantle & Jasper Simmonds 1-3 Wade Morley & Ryan Clark

Mantle & Simmonds 2-2 George & Redmond

Kane & McAllister 2-1 Morley & Clark

George & Redmond 3-2 Morley & Clark

Mantle & Simmonds 0-4 Kane & McAllister

Kane & McAllister win the group

Group 3 | Monday 20th September

Morgan McInnes & Barry Lynn 1-4 Brian Halcrow & John Sullivan

Hiten Patel & Lak Badhan 2-1 Jordan Church & Andy Sullivan

McInnes & Lynn 2-1 Church & A.Sullivan

Patel & Badhan 0-4 Halcrow & J.Sullivan

McInnes & Lynn 3-1 Patel & Badhan

Halcrow & J.Sullivan 4-0 Church & A.Sullivan

Halcrow & J.Sullivan win the group

Group 4 | Monday 27th September

Jez Graham & Darren McVicar 4-0 Zak Shepherd & Andy Cragg

Mark Selby & Gareth Potts 4-0 Tommy Miller & David Addinall

Shepherd & Cragg 4-1 Miller & Addinall

Graham & McVicar 0-4 Selby & Potts

Graham & McVicar 3-2 Miller & Addinall

Selby & Potts 1-3 Shepherd & Cragg

Selby & Potts win the group via a three-way 6-reds shootout

Group 5 | Monday 4th October

Andy Appleton & Michael Tomlinson 3-1 Elliott Glover & Simon Phillips

Jimmy Croxton & Neil Raybone 0-3 Mark Leathem & Steve Wall

Croxton & Raybone 2-3 Glover & Phillips

Appleton & Tomlinson 4-1 Leathem & Wall

Glover & Phillips 3-0 Leathem & Wall

Appleton & Tomlinson 2-2 Croxton & Raybone

Appleton & Tomlinson win the group

Group 6 | Monday 11th October

Tony Blount & Scott Crawley 3-2 Jake-Dylan Newlove & Toby Bolt

Chris Melling & Scott Gillespie 2-1 Kevin Kirkham & Rob Sim

Newlove & Bolt 4-0 Kirkham & Sim

Blount & Crawley 4-1 Melling & Gillespie

Newlove & Bolt 2-2 Melling & Gillespie

Blount & Crawley 3-2 Kirkham & Sim

Blount & Crawley win the group

Group 7 | Monday 18th October

Chris Patient & Mark Gray

Sam Boome & Jamie Stokes

Arfan Dad & Craig Waddingham

Guvy Gill & Rob Wharne

Group 8 | Monday 25th October

Emma Cunningham & Amy Beauchamp

Steve Singh & Neil Davey

Oussama Masskini & Nigel Clarke

Lee Briscoe & Glenn Cahir

Group 9 | Monday 1st November

Aaron Davies & Matt Brierley

Martin McIntosh & Darren Matthew

David McNamara & Gaz Higgins

Oly Bale & Russell Burgess

Group 10 | Monday 8th November

Peter Martin & Tom Jones

Jack Whelan & Clint I’Anson

Ryan Bowler & Rob Adams

Chris O’Hare & Dave Martinson

Group 11 | Monday 15th November

Michael Hill & Phil Harrison

Craig Baller & Matt Haddrell

Ryan Walton & Tommy Docherty

Geo Edgar & Carl Morris

Group 12 | Monday 22nd November

Dom Cooney & Luke Gilbert

Mat Lawrenson & Craig Hart

John Roe & Lee Kendall

Jamie Moray & Richard Gifford

Group 13 | Monday 29th November

Darren McCarthy & Chris Back

Eddie Barker & Dylan Leary

Declan Brennan & Ronan McCarthy

Kyle Brown & Dennis Horan

Group 14 | Monday 6th December

Shaun Storry & Chris Day

Rob Holt & Simon Baker

James Jones & Lee Loftus

Liam Dunster & Lewis McHoul

Group 15 | Monday 13th December

Shane Thompson & Jake McCartney

Sam Bircher & Lee Washbrook

Phil Malam & Tim Roberts

Tony Brown & Robert Dagnall

Group 16 | Monday 20th December

Craig Lakin & Jordan Shepherd

Bryan Cumming & Scott Coventry

Simon Cook & Lee Sellick

Wayne Lewis & Ryan Scott