Ultimate Pool Dress Code

Ultimate Pool Dress Code (All Events)

  • Dress Trousers Only. No Chinos.

  • Dress Shoes. No Smart Trainers (IE Hugo Boss etc...)

  • Series Shirts must be worn at all times whilst playing. In the event you haven’t received one, you can wear your own polo shirt which can have your own logos on. However, a maximum of FIVE logos only. No logos on the back of your shirt. Nicknames are allowed.

  • Logo sizes are 85mm x 50mm maximum.

  • No Associations to be on your shirts.

  • No other tour tops are to be worn.

  • Any medical exemptions need to be accompanied by a doctor’s note, and it must be passed by the Tournament Director.

  • Dress Code will be enforced for the duration of the weekend. If you fail the dress code, you will be asked to change either by the TD or the Referee. If you are playing, you will be required to change and you will lose a frame every 10 minutes until you return to the table and your dress code has been passed

The Tournament Director’s decision is final on all the above